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Helpicam PWA Mobile App

What type of App is this?

In collaboration with Asper Brothers, I worked with this client to design the UI layout of the mobile App and, afterward the landing page for its promotion online. Initially, the client came to us with a concept in his mind and we helped him to develop this idea into a real product. Helpicam helps people when they face an incident on the street and reporting it as a witness or a victim.

Screenshot Helpicam landing page

The App that helps you

Helpicam is an application that allows reporting accidents with a description and pictures or videos. The main goal is helping someone as a witness or asking for assistance as a victim.

I helped the client to narrow down the product requirements and focusing on the main functions. I put a lot of effort into the product design stage to make it better.

Design & UX

The project is based on Google Material Design, a library for UI, which helps to build Apps more coherently. I received a detailed MoSCoW method, and during the brainstorming, we agreed on how the App has to look like. I helped the client to revise the colors and I started designing the App based on my UX/UI knowledge and keeping the user-oriented design in mind.

Screenshots Helpicam mobile web pages

The MoSCoW method is an explanation of what functions an application must have and other functions based on a hierarchy from the most important to the smallest.

  • Screenshots Helpicam mobile web pages
  • Screenshots Helpicam mobile web pages
  • Screenshots Helpicam landing page

Design system

The design system helps to work together, create exceptional experience, and craft beautiful products and features faster.

Design system colors
Design system typography
Design system assets

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