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Software Outsourcing Guide Marketing promotion

What type of guide is this?

I worked with the Asper Brothers marketing team to design this guide. It is a report for global CTOs, and it presents which problems a company can encounter with development outsourcing and how it is possible to solve them.

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An ultimate report for CTOs

The marketing team and I worked in synergy for several months. My colleagues produced surveys and questioned 50 CTOs around the World, and the result of this effort is this guide.

I was in charge of the graphic design and all the marketing material - from landing page to banners. I examined other similar guides from competitor agencies, and I created a new graphic image that reflected the company character.

Screenshots outsourcing guide landing page

A focus on the landing page

I designed the landing page following the graphic image of the guide.

The guide features

I presented how the guide is structured, showing the four main elements.

The chapters

I introduced the three chapters of the report with a summary.

The sharing experiences

I included a section for the testimonials with personal thoughts.


The primary purpose of the landing is the call to action. I inserted it on the hero and at the bottom of the page after all the information.

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  • Screenshots outsourcing guide landing page
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  • Screenshots outsourcing guide mobile landing page

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