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MyBank Mobile App concept

Why did I design MyBank?

Because MyBank intends to be an accessible App, easy to use for everyone. The user should feel part of the bank environment, where every day he or she can manage finances and savings with simple gestures. The App is not an actual product.

Example MyBank mobile splash screen

A fresh App for customers

This is an App for a young, modern bank, far from the traditional and old-fashion banking institutions.

I examined similar Apps, especially the App of my bank and tried to figure out what I could keep and what I should change.

Design & UX

The idea for this design was to remove a congested screen and to highlight the standard services. Keeping clean and removing what was redundant. I played with rounded shapes and a few colors to design the App as flat as possible.

Play the video of prototype

I built a low-fidelity prototype for testing the basic interactions. This can help the client to have a better idea instead of a vague mockup. Play the video, click on the picture.

  • Screenshots MyBank mobile web pages
  • Screenshots MyBank mobile web pages
  • Screenshots MyBank mobile web pages

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